Suggestion: Review Tips & Notes in lesson

Disclaimer: I know Duo staff have limited resources and a virtually unlimited to do list.

I am curious how many would be interested in reviewing small portions of the Tips & Notes in Topic lessons/strengthening exercises. I generally review the Tips & Notes before I start a topic, but as Duo always reminds me, I need to revisit material to get it to stick.

I would love to have small sections of the Tips & Notes appear during a lesson (1 or 2 max) reminding me about a feature of the language I'm learning. I don't think it would need to be a test, just press a button to continue to the next question.

What do you think?

Here is an example I mocked up to demonstrate what I mean:

1 year ago


If DL adds this, they should allow disabling, because I would think it annoying to pop up all the time. However, what I think in Spanish might not apply in French because maybe it's tougher?

1 year ago

Absolutely. I wouldn't want it to be too intrusive either. It could take into account your current knowledge/strength and not pop up all the time for topics you've covered lots.

1 year ago
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