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  5. "When do you get paid?"

"When do you get paid?"

Translation:Pryd wyt ti'n cael dy dalu?

February 15, 2017



In a "pick all the right answers", I had to choose both "Pryd wyt ti...?" and "Pryd rwyt ti...?".

I thought "rwyt" wasn't used in questions?


It can be used as an alternative to wyt after adverbial question words (ble, pam, pryd, sut, am faint o'r gloch etc.) and after pronomial ones (pwy, beth, faint etc.) when they're the object of a long-form/periphrastic verbs.

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Generally words like 'Pryd', 'Ble' and 'Sut' (when, where and how) don't require the question form of the verb to follow them.

So in this example the best answer should be 'Pryd rwyt ti'n cael dy dalu'

Some dialects tend to use the question form so the 'r' is dropped from 'rwyt'.

When this sentence was entered the less 'correct' version was used, the more correct version was subsequently added as an alternative.

This is something to correct for the revised course.


Good to hear the course is constantly being monitored and revised. The course creators seem very enthusiastic and proactive. Gwych!


I am constantly surprised at how quickly reports are dealt with on this course.

Course maintainers must be going over all the dozens of skills regularly checking for new ones, day after day.


I realize that this is usually a very personal question to ask. However, you could also ask a collective group such a question. It will not accept ' Pryd dych chi'n cael eich dalu?' Is this an error or am I missing something here?


You could use it with chi for a group, yes. However there's no mutation after eich hence why it's not accepting it. Should be: Pryd dych chi'n cael eich talu?.


pryd wyt ti'n cael dy dalu di? marked wrong


That's because you can't use the final pronoun, i.e. di, in passive constructions like these - it's only ever cael dy dalu, never *cael dy dalu di. This is the same for other persons too, e.g. Pryd dw i'n cael fy nhalu?, Pryd mae hi'n cael ei thalu?, Pryd dych chi'n cael eich talu? "When do I / does she / do you get paid?".

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