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Suggestion: Bonus skill: Weather.

Hi, Thank you Duolingo team for creating such an awesome web site. I am not sure if it has already been suggested but I couldn't find anything related to this topic .I am so glad that new features are added to the website and I have a little suggestion. I believe that it would be a really nice addition to the web site to create a bonus skill called 'Weather'. I know that there are some words in 'Nature' section but I found that there a lot of useful words missing. There could all the basic word connected with the topic. If you like the idea, please upvote it, so that people from Duolingo would notice it. It could look something like this :)

March 5, 2014



But we never talk about weather in Britain.

always lovely in Scotland with endless Sunshine


Ha! My wife and I still laugh about the BBC weather reports from our last trip to London. Every day someone would come on and intone "A sheet of gloom over England today". Literally every day!

Now whenever we have clouds where I live (in a desert, so this is rare) we just look at each other and say "A sheet of GLOOM!" :)


When I was in the UK, each day the weather report would say "Today we are expecting rainy patches with sunny spells". Turns out they were just trying to cover all bases. ;-)


Not here. Very unpredictable. Snow one day, triple digit temperatures the next.


I like the Fiddler on the roof "Sun rise ... Sun set" predictable


I feel like weather should be a default skill rather than a bonus one. Everyone should know how to say "It's cold out, bring a jacket". Maybe there could be an "Advanced Weather" bonus skill, though, that covers things like "dew point", "low pressure system", etc.


Agreed! Another reason to lengthen trees or increase lessons: there are plenty of words that are in trees, but not in all trees of that language! "Huh?" I have seen words doing the Spanish to French tree that I never saw in English to French (all gold for a while now, thanks) nor English to Spanish (still in progress). So,eg, at the very least every word in French that is on any tree, should be available to those learning French from any other language.


Oh! I got really excited and rushed off to the lingot store to go and buy this skill... really should read things through first....


i did the same thing


we all were so excited that we also looked


There really do need to be some more skills added. Weather would definitely be a good one.


A lingot for this suggestion :) , I really like this one and more themes. Like small talk, If there would be themes for beginners that travel to that specific country, they could focus on those courses instead of learning the language step by step. It would encourage people...


Indeed. Teaching colloquial language would be very nice (and this skill could be a huge skill). I often find lots of stuff in movies or youtube videos that are very popular.


Another Lingot for a great suggestion


Also one for bad language. It's always the first thing people want to know about a language.


Wow! Your graphics for the mockup are perfect! Did you use Illustrator? Anyway, I want store clerk phrases! I work in a hardware store and we get Spanish speakers all the time. I would like to know how to say things like "Can I help you find anything?" "That will be $20.67" etc.


Nice, but I want tree extensions! Lots more skills. Bonuses are nice but tree extensions would be better!!!


Replying to comments that Bonus skills are as good or better than tree extensions. Bonus skills convey the impression that those skills are superfluous or not needed.

I agree that "bonus skills" should be for interesting but non-essential skills. The holiday skills are perfect as bonus skills. Flirting, too.

But weather? Nope -- weather is every bit as essential as the other skills permanently on the tree. If we have a good enough set of weather under "Nature," then that's a different matter. Maybe a bonus skill spinoff of weather could be natural disasters. But further developing general vocabulary about weather, and a multitude of other subjects, will make the trees better, too. If longer trees are daunting, silly because everything in life is daunting to someone, than increase the number of lessons per skill for under-developed skills.


I fully agree. Weather is such a basic skill, it shouldn't be a bonus skill.


It's the same thing. Bonus skills are tree extensions except you have to pay for them with lingots. This isn't really a problem as anyone who has finished a tree is going to have a ton of extra lingots.


I think that language trees are expanded enough. Expanding a tree to infinity will cause discouragement for those who didn't complete their tree yet. Because of that I think that bonus skills for lingots is better option.


One thing is clear. Duolingo students have photoshop skills ;)


I get the feeling that there'll be a lot more coming to the Lingot Store very soon. A lot more. A whole kaboodle of interesting things that one can delight in. Or something. Please. Please give me something to spend my lingots on. Please.


My vote for extended skills is Food 2. Or Restaurants.


That would be awesome. Great suggestion!


How do I get a slot? Or can I somehow trade Christmas for Weather?


Weather is used a lot as an icebreaker


Surely a part of learning a foreign language is using it to read around subjects in which you're interested. There is nothing to stop anybody making a list of words on any topic and then using a dictionary to look them up in the Language they are learning. That way anyone can compile their own relevant and specialized word lists to suit their own interests. Nobody need wait for DuoLingo to do it for them.


Really interesting idea. In fact there could be more such bonus skills so we could finally spend our lingots on sth useful:)


This is a great idea! Weather is actually really imporant to know.


so there are slots for bonus skills now? What if I want to learn more?


Is it apply on every languages learn? I don't have weather, may it was occupy by the Christmas lesson I bought last time? O.0


It's not real. He just made this as an example, not a real skill. it was just a suggestion.


How do you make those images?


If you like, andrew974v, I can send you the url to a flashcard set I've made of weather terms.



If this is lacking anything, let me know. :)


It is awesome! I read this 3 years later you made it. Thank you so much I give you some lingots!


i wish i could get this! :( it sound great but i don't have enough lingots. :(


It's not real, it's an example of how it could be ;)


i wish i could get this! :( it sound great but i don't have enough lingots. :(


You're telling me they don't have this as a skill already? Weather is one of the first things I learned in Spanish 1…

Seriously, this is a good skill suggestion.


As a Brit I am obviously interested in this idea...


i would like to say hoe the weather looks outside in spanish


My tree says 0 slots open how do i fix that?

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