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"Ποιος ξέρει το πυθαγόρειο θεώρημα;"

Translation:Who knows the pythagorean theorem?

February 15, 2017



Any reason in articular it isn't capital in Greek?


I'm not sure why Π in Πυθαγόρειο isn't capital. It's probably a typing mistake. We will try and fix it as soon as we can. ^.^


"Pythagoras's Theorem" was marked as a spelling mistake, while both the possessive with "'s" and just the apostrophe are correct.


Sorry for taking so long to see this. I just added it as an altenative translation, thank you for your comment! ^.^

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Strictly speaking of course, and depending how you want to teach genitive and possessives, Pythagoras's Theorem = το θεώτημα του Πυθαγόρα. Wouldn't it be better to stick with the adjective and keep the original and the translation matching?


Indeed, but in cases like this one, I personally think it would be a bit "too strict" to exclude it from the alternatives. Best translation remains the adj. form, though. ^.^


"the Pythagorean Theorem" should be accepted


That is how it is spelled in the hint. For me as non-native English, I haven't an idea of what is correct and have to trust the hint


Η τετραγωνική υποτείνουσα είανι ίσο με το άθτροισμα των τετραγωνικών καθετήρων.

(I'm pretty sure about the Theorem, less about the Greek translation :D )


Το τετράγωνο της υποτείνουσας είναι ίσο με το άθροισμα των τετραγώνων των άλλων δύο κάθετων πλευρών.

I'd say you were close. ^.^ (Καθετήρας means something completely different though. Be careful before you use it, you might get some awkward looks XD)

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