"I am reading a newspaper."

Translation:Διαβάζω εφημερίδα.

February 15, 2017

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Why is Διαβάζω εφημερίδα not marked as wrong? Where is μία?


You don't need the article because it is implied.


How is it implied in this situation? Ενα μιλο you can never just say μιλο can you? What makes it different?


Thank you for the link, since my phone app doesn't provide this information. It would be nice if eventually this information was somehow made available with the phone app Duolingo.


@aSf6ryhz We can help with explaining why an answer has been rejected as long as you share with us your exact answers. No one can see your answers, so you should link to a screenshot or, at the very least, copy and paste your whole answer in your comment. Additionally, we have no control over what is accepted as a typo. That's a feature of Duo's proprietary software.


I'd also like to know why sometimes you can omit articles like in this sentence.


Is there a rule for in which context the article can be omitted?


I don't understand why sometimes it is obligatory the article and other ones is omitted...


Why are we already learning difficult long words like this Διαβάζω εφημερίδα, while we haven't even learnt important simple things like Hello, how are you?


Next to the basics 2 skill, which you are doing now, there is the phrases skill that contains such things. :)


The problem is consistency. These exercises sometimes use the redundant article in questions. Then when it is typed as an answer, here, it is marked wrong.


Διαβάζω εφημερίδα Means: I read a newspaper. You asked for I am reading a newspaper.


Διαβάζω εφημερίδα means both "I read a newspaper" and "I am reading a newspaper". Greek does not distinguish between present simple or continuous. :)

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