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"Unsere Familie hat zahlreiche Stunden Zeit."

February 22, 2013



would someone unpack this phrase, please? - is this an idiom? The two translations are hardly related; the one above being the most difficult to comprehend and so i'm leaning towards the other, which ends with "...hours of time". But besides what it is supposed to mean, is Stunden Zeit a particular formulation in this case?


Stunden Zeit = hours of time

ein Glas Bier = a glass of beer

eine Flasche Wein = a bottle of wine

In German, no preposition is needed in such cases.


but what means "hours of time"? isn't it just "hours"?


I guess it is just a phrase that is common in German but not so common in English. In Russian it is also quite ok to say both "we still have two hours" (у нас еще два часа) and "we still have two hours of time" (у нас еще два часа времени). The word "time" does not add any new information.


What is "Our family has time for many hours" supposed to mean?


I agree... I sounds really bizarre.

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