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  5. "Το καλοκαίρι."

"Το καλοκαίρι."

Translation:The summer.

February 15, 2017



I learn new vocabulary by trying to relate to its component parts, or something that sounds like it in English, or when all else fails a silly mnemonic. When I see the word for Summer I parse it as good (καλό) weather (καιρώ).


I didn't know καιρός could mean "weather." I normally associate it with time, especially opportune time, as it is used in koine Gk (Mark 1:15). But even in ancient Gk it could refer to a season, so the modern Gk sense of weather makes sense. When I first came across this modern Gk word καλοκαίρι I thought it was great that the word for summer is "good time." I guess it refers to the opportune time/weather to plant crops.


Thought you would both be interested in the etymology of καλοκαίρι:

From Byzantine Greek καλοκαίριν (kalokaírin, “good season, good weather”), from Ancient Greek καλοκαίριον (kalokaírion, “fine weather”).

Source: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/καλοκαίρι

Also, brilliant learning strategy Diana :)


Spring and autumn are ok without the article, summer and winter are not.


Sorry, I see your point. It was added as an alternative. ^.^


Ι accidently wrote "το καλοκαιρή" which was accepted!. Is this correct.

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No, it isn't, it must have been accepted as a typo. You used the wrong ee vowel at the end and Duo does not reject answers for misplaced accents either. Remember that neuter nouns ending in ee use an -ι in singular; if you see a neuter noun that ends in -η, that's a plural form.

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