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  5. "Της αρέσει το παζάρι."

"Της αρέσει το παζάρι."

Translation:She likes the fair.

February 15, 2017



The way that I remember this one is that παζάρι sounds like bazaar in English.


That's because the word is originally Persian and it was borrowed by several languages (a lot) to refer to a marketplace, which makes it a cognate.


Same in Portuguese ''bazar'' :)


would Αυτή αρέσει το παζάρι work?


αρέσει means "is pleasing". I think it is a passive verb. So "she likes the fair" is translated literally as "To her is pleasing the fair" or Της (to her) αρέσει (is pleasing) το παζάρι (the fair). If the apples were pleasing to her then you have to change the verb to be plural because apples are plural: Της αρέσουν τα μήλα.

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