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  5. "Αυτή είναι η δεκαετία μου."

"Αυτή είναι η δεκαετία μου."

Translation:This is my decade.

February 15, 2017



I entered that this means "She is my decade" but was marked as incorrect. What is the clue to let me know that in this case Αυτή means It and not she? From the context either seems like it could be correct, at least in English. I supposed I was thinking of "She is of my decade". (we are about the same age).


Because decades are a unit of time and those don't have gender in English.


talking about 40 years old crisis...


This doesn't make much idiomatic sense in English -- is there a colloquial meaning for this phrase in Greek, or is it just a learning exercise?


It's either a learning exercise or an optimistic person feeling that this is going to be their year ten times in a row :p

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