"Do you like a glass?"

Translation:Magst du ein Glas?

6 years ago



What's wrong with 'Du magst ein Glas'?

6 years ago


The order :)

In german, the correct order when asking a question is "Magst du ein Glas?"

Other examples: "Willst du eine Katze?" "Trinkst du ein Bier?"

6 years ago


One principle to be kept in mind that when it's a yes or no question,verb is ought to be placed at the beginning of a sentence. So lets make an outline of the types of sentences generally in German ;). Verb placed at the first place: Imperative sentence and yes or no sentence. Verb placed at the second place:WH-questions and declarative sentence. Good luck!

5 years ago


why not "Ein Glas gefällt dir?"

5 years ago

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It's a question, so the verb goes to the front: "Gefällt dir ein Glas?"

(If it used a w-word -- wo, wer, was, etc, the w-word goes to the front, and the verb comes second: "Wo ist ein Glas?")

5 years ago

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Gefällt dir ein Glas isn't accepted, I just did it. Seems like it should be because they asked do you like a glass, not would you like a glass.

5 years ago


Why not "Magst du einen Glas"

4 years ago


It didnt like Magst du ein tasse :(

5 years ago
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