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"Do you think you will get away with that?"

February 22, 2013



I have no idea how you are even meant to start translating a sentence like this into German without already seeing the answer. I am utterly clueless when it comes to word order. Sure, read the sentence in German and I can translate it to English no problem; it's just the other way round I struggle with.

I always put words in the wrong order, or use the wrong turn of phrase.


I got this sentence to translate from English into German. I had no idea about the translation, so I decided to try Google Translate instead of skipping the sentence. It gave me "Glauben Sie, dass Sie damit durchkommen?" That seemed all right to me, but was not accepted. The "Correct answer" was "Glauben Sie, damit kommen Sie durch?"

I don't consider Google Translate to be a great translator, but the "correct answer" seems even worse to me. Is it allowed to omit "dass" in German? Does not the verb have to be in the end after "dass"?


"Glauben Sie, dass Sie damit durchkommen?" is a correct translation, thoug maybe a bit closer to the english sentence "Do you think that you will get away with that?".

Duolingo's correct answer is also good.


can you use denken rather than glauben in this case? and why the need for Sie rather than du?


I wrote "Glaubst du dass du damit entkommst?" I think entkommen .. and durchkimmen .. both mean the get away with something but entkommen has more to getting away with an object rather than with a crime, which is closer to durchkommen. Is that why I was shot down?

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