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I am learning Spanish in order to learn English

Hi, everybody, I am from Mexico City and I am learning English and I think the best way to do it is from the point of view of all of you, I mean from Spanish. I am sorry if you find some translations that don't have any sense but I will try it any way and if you could help me I would very happy. Thanks any way.

February 22, 2013



Great to have you here! Don't worry about making mistakes, that is part of the learning process. With your knowledge of Spanish you can help other people and other people might be able to help you.


Thats right, I really want to help you to correct your Spanish mistakes and you also can help me to correct English mistakes. Duolingo is great but it can help you only of a certain level, but in this way we can improve our levels of language.


I tried learning English as if i was Spanish it was hard. maybe when i improve my Spanish i will try again. :)


Great idea! I have been doing lessons in the "Quiero aprender inglés (yo sé español)", the same idea as you in reverse.

The Spanish speakers learning English seem to make way more comments than English speakers learning Spanish!


My situation is more complicated. I am from Czech Republic (my mother language is Czech) and I learn German although I can speak German quite well. But I would like to improve my English.


I feel that Duolingo is better when you use the other language to learn English, rather than the usual way..

(Because they have more In language translation)


I would love to help! Let me warn you, though, English is one of the most confusing languages of all. Anyone who speaks English as their native language can tell you: Sometimes, English can feel completely random, as if it has no sense at all. It doesn't. English is a lot of memorizing, sometimes with no reliable patterns. But let me tell you: don't give up. Ever. English is a valuable language that many people around the world speak, and it will help you for the rest of your life.

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