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Lost over 100 consecutive days since using coach

I had over 100 consecutive days. When I signed up for coach, I lost them and had to start all over again. This really discouraged a guy and I am thinking of finding another program.

March 5, 2014



Hey there! Coach isn't about maintaining the streak. It's about keeping on track. So, you can miss a few days with Coach and still be on track. On the web right now we still have streak. This is confusing- I completely understand, and we're working on making it the same across everything.


I definitely like the coach idea. I hope that when you guys do unify the apps and the site, you'll keep this feature. It's what really motivated me to keep going even after I completed my tree. :)


That's great to hear Gringacho :)


What do you mean by "coach"?


The coach is only available on the IOS devices at this time.

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