How to log in to different Duolingo accounts on the same iPad Duolingo app?

I have 3 kids whom I am thinking of creating 3 separate Duolingo accounts for. Just one problem. I have no idea how to log out and log into different Duolingo accounts on the iPad app. Does anyone know how? They all will be using the same iPad to do their Duolingo practice.

1 year ago


On the bottom of the screen you should see a link to clubs. It is a picture shaped like a English knights shield. Click it.

On the top left corner they now show the word, "profile". Click it.

In the center, near the top is the word "settings". Click it.

Click on the word, "sign out"

You are now signed out. Click on the words, "I already have an account".

Enter your username and password

Click okay.

Yes you will have to enter the username and password every time. You can never get the app to remember either for you.

Be warned, they often change the location of the link to your profile. So if you can't find it, they have moved it again, just keep looking.

1 year ago

On the top of your screen, just hover over your name, and click log out.

1 year ago

It takes time and lots of clicking to always be changing accounts. My family has had at one point 3 duolingo users. I have found changing users on the iPad very annoying. I think at one point I counted it as taking 10 different button /menu digging clicks to completely change from one user to another.

What I did was have one kid on an iPad. Another on my phone, and myself on the computer. You can use a thing called blue stacks on your computer that will allow you to download the android duolingo app onto your computer. I prefer the app for kids since it has usually been easier then the website, at least usually less typing. (They are always changing things so I don't know if that is still true)

If you can't do that, I recommend you see if one person would prefer memrise.

If you do go ahead with it pick very short usernames and passwords.

1 year ago

Hi BugsBunny, thanks for the response. Unfortunately I do not see my name at the top of my Duolingo app screen. I am using an iPad though. I know on my Android phone I can log out of Duolingo. However my kids use the iPad for educational stuff and games so I would prefer them to use the iPad Duolingo app instead. Any ideas why the iPad app is not showing my name at the top?

1 year ago

Ok, I know why you can't log out. Well, In mobile and ipad versions, you have the option to use duolingo without any ID (Gmail or whatever). First you need to create an account using your Gmail. After you've created the account, you can log in and out.

1 year ago

Thanks BugsBunny. You might be right and I have very little clue if what I'm doing is right. I followed RandomTed's instructions and it did appear I was signed in to my account. Not that I remember anything of me logging in... must have been a year since I did that, if I did do that at first.

1 year ago

I think your supposed to just sign out and bak in w/ that other account.

1 year ago

Thank you RandomTed. Those instructions worked for me. Yes what a pain. I guess I could create some "easy" emails and passwords for them each, or perhaps I might try out Duolingo for schools. I have no idea how Duolingo for schools works or what it really can do for me in practice, but since all my kids are learning French on Duolingo now (and boy do they love it, for some reason) I reckon I might give it a go and see if it is less trouble than signing in and out on the iPad app constantly. Who knows. Might be just as cumbersome.

1 year ago

Duolingo for schools just lets you, as a teacher monitor their progress.

It wouldn't change anything for them.

1 year ago

Okay thanks. They have been learning to sign off and sign back in with their own email accounts today and so far it's been fine. A bit of a hassle but it's working well.

1 year ago
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