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i want chinese lessons

February 22, 2013



If you want to speak Chinese, you should meditate upon the art of ancient Chinese patience.


A lot of people have requested Chinese and Japanese; I`m sure they will add it sooner or later, just be patient.


Be patient. Duolingo is just starting off. It'll come around.


I think that the reason that they are starting off with Western languages is that it is easier to translate from English to Spanish or French then it is to do the same with Chinese or Japanese. Nevertheless It would be great if Duolingo supports Chinese and Japanese. Chinese will probably be built before Japanese because of the many difficulties with Japanese (new alphabet and very different grammar structure).


My votes for Chinese as well! I'll come back when they have it up =)


I'd love to see Mandarin on Duolingo! I'm working on a project which is creating Mandarin resources and teaching methodologies for school kids, but my role is simply a production/design one. I'd love something like Duolingo for Mandarin to keep me on my toes while I work on these kits. ;-)

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