"Mănușile de la Ana sunt mici."

Translation:The gloves from Anne are small.

February 16, 2017

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"The Gloves from Anne are small" - Is "Ana's gloves are small" not an accurate translation? Or is it specifically gloves that were given to me by Ana?


The sentence is specifically about the gloves that Ana gave you, not Ana's gloves.

"Ana's gloves are small" = "Mănușile lui Ana sunt mici" / "Mănușile Anei sunt mici"

You should probably use the first version ("lui Ana"), because applying a genitive/possessive form to a Romanian name can be quite vexing for non-natives, and it doesn't work for all names anyway.


So "de" is from, whereas other Romance languages use it for possession. Thanks--this comes under the label of "false friend" that we're supposed to be careful about.


"de la" is "from".

"de" as such usually indicates the material something's made of: "om de zăpadă" - "snowman", "gard de lemn" - "fence made of wood" etc.


In other Romance languages "de" is used for possession, and "of" generally, yes, but it's also used for "from", - J'ai reçu une lettre de ta sœur", "Recebi uma carta da sua irmã", for example.


There are multiple ways to translate ana . and names should not be translated . this is not correct. People do not change their name because they went somewhere else.


Depends on the people. If you check out some non-English language wikis on the British Royal Family you'll note there every language has at least some of their names translated. Also depends on the historic period. Romanian wiki's page on the British royals, for example, seems to translate anyone who is older then prince Charles but leaves people Charles age and younger untranslated.

So if you're reading history books it is very very useful to know that Romanian Ana is actually the same as English Anne.


Oh so "Anne" is a correct translation of "Ana", but not "Anna"?


I was given both 'Anne' and 'Anna' as correct translations. Now, whether or not we should translate first names is another matter.


This question is broken. If you get the answer slightly wrong it says you typed in english not Romanian, irrespective of what you typed : (


What does "la" mean?


In Romanian, "la" means "at.* This is different than other romance languages! La is NOT a definite article in Romanian!


"De la" means "from," and "de" means "of."

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