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  5. "Oes rhaid i ti ddweud?"

"Oes rhaid i ti ddweud?"

Translation:Do you have to tell?

February 16, 2017



Um ... I have no idea what this English sentence means. It sounds garbled.


Perhaps a more common way of phrasing it in English would be "Do you have to tell?".

A: Dw i'n mynd i ddweud wrth yr heddlu. "I'm going to tell the police."

B: Na! Oes rhaid i ti ddweud? Plis paid! "No! Do you have to tell (them)? Please don't!"

My scriptwriting skills aren't the best, but you get the idea!


Hmm so sort of "do you have to say anything?" ?


Yep, that's a good translation.


Just go to a Welsh school playground and listen to the kids. Do you have to tell ......I hit you Do you have to tell..............my dad did my homework.

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