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Can anyone explain me the genitive case better?

I've got which articles I have to use but I haven't got how the other words change at the end

February 16, 2017



I'm not a native speaker but here's what i understand of the genitive case endings:

In the singular:

-neuter nouns take the -ου ending

-ος becomes -ου

-ης/-ες become -η/-ε (masculine)

-η/-α become -ης/-ας (feminine)

In the plural: all nouns take the -ων ending


Neuter -ου: true for neuters in -ο and -ι.

Neuters in -μα turn into -ματος (e.g. του μαθήματος "of the lesson").


In the Tips & notes (found at the top left of the page) there is an explanation of the Genitive with examples.

For a real in-depth grammar review see here

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