"Culoarea diplomelor este roșu."

Translation:The color of the diplomas is red.

February 16, 2017



The correct sentence in Romanian is' culoarea diplomelor este roșie' or' diplomele au culoarea roșie'

February 16, 2017


Both forms are acceptable. The concordance in gender applies to adjectives. In the present case you could also consider that you NAME a colour, and this is a noun.

July 12, 2018


agree with GinaIuliana ... please corret the Romanian sentence into her proposal....

the single word RED has in Romanian the two forms ROSU /ROSIE for masculin /feminine...

in translation is important to make the right concordance with the gender of the substantive...

here in the example the subject is the substantive CULOAREA , which is singular feminine ...

so it must be CULOAREA ( cui ? object .... a diplomelor ).... este ROSIE

May 16, 2018
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