"She drinks coffee with milk."

Translation:Αυτή πίνει καφέ με γάλα.

February 16, 2017

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    Γιατί είναι "καφές" wrong?

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    Because it is accusative: πίνει τον καφέ.


    Why "Αυτή πίνει τον καφέ με γάλα" is wrong?


    I wrote: αυτή πίνει το καφέ με γάλα and I got the above translation as correct solution. Sometimes the correct solution is with article, sometimes correct is defined as without. I would like to know the exact rule for one or the other translation.


    αυτή πίνει τον καφέ με γάλα = she always drinks (any) coffee with milk, that's how she drinks her coffee ('all/any coffee' is implied, that's why the definite article is there)
    αυτή πίνει καφέ με γάλα = she's drinking coffee with milk right now, that's her drink right now

    αυτή πίνει το καφέ με γάλα = she drinks the brown with milk (καφές is masculine and therefore needs to be preceded by τον, otherwise καφέ is neuter and means brown) :)

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