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Again I can't find this topic so I'm starting a new discussion. I have just taken my second quiz and it is very Disappointing! Two things: firstly the test includes words and concepts that haven't been covered yet, which should be easily solved since our progress is monitored in the lessons, and secondly there is no way you can find out what you did wrong as you don't get to review the test. Since this is provided for all the strengthening exercises it shouldn't be impossible for the quiz. Especially since I have now wasted 50 lingo to finding out that despite my best efforts I'm a dunce at Greek!!

February 17, 2017



Yes, the quiz always covers the entire course -- not just the parts you have covered already.

The result of the quiz is always just a single score. You don't get to see what you did right or wrong. I believe this is by design.

As far as I know, the quiz is intended to be taken multiple times while you are learning -- and then you should be seeing your score rise slowly over time. When you have just done the first lesson, you might receive only 0.3 out of 5.0; when you are part-way through, it might be 2.7 out of 5.0; and when you have completed the tree, it may be 5.0 out of 5.0. You can see your past scores from the quiz pages.

A score of (say) 2.7 out of 5.0 does not mean you're a dunce -- it just means that you haven't finished the course yet but that you know more or less half of what is taught in the entire course.

I'll give you a "refund" since you feel your lingots were wasted. You can use it to take more quizzes in the future as you progress through the tree :)


Aah great! I feel much cleverer already. Thank you for the explanation and I don't need the lingots Back! :))

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