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  5. "My cat speaks English!"

"My cat speaks English!"

Translation:¡Mi gato habla inglés!

February 17, 2017

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Por que es "habla" usado si gato es masculino?


Habla = he/she/it speaks ... Usted habla = You [formal 1.person singular] speak

Gender of the noun affects adjectives that describes them - not verb conjugations. Examples:

• The fluffy cat understands English | My smaller white cat is running. | The cats of mine do not swim.

masc. / El gato mullido entiende inglés. | Mi gato blanco más pequeño está corriendo. | Los gatos de míos no nadan.

fem. / La gata mullida entiende inglés. | Mi gata blanca más pequeña está corriendo. | Las gatas de mías no nadan.


This sentence makes total sense. I have met dogs that were trained in German and ignored (didn't understand? ) commands in English.

[deactivated user]

    When I say 'habla' it says I'm wrong and I must say 'hablo', then it changes it's mind when I use 'hablo'... glitch?

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