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Which is better: Focus on one language or learning on tandem with other language?

Hi everyone. I am currently learning German for no particular reason except i wanted to learn other language beside English and my native language. (i'm sure one day it would be useful :) ) I also wanted to learn other language, like French or Spanish I wanted to start learning French immidiately, but i am afraid learning 2 language at the same time would mess my learning process. So i would like to ask other duo-user opinions, preferably from experience: which is better? to focus on one language (german only) till i managed to mantain conversations or learning two language in tandem?

February 17, 2017


[deactivated user]

    I think you should focus on one language until you reach an intermediate level, unless your native language is closely related to German.


    People's experiences can be very different there. Ultimately, nobody can really tell you what will and won't work for you. You could always just give it a try and put the second language on hold if you do find it too hard.


    I don't think there is anything wrong with that. If you have time and the interest, you should feed it, not limit it. It is harder to learn two languages, but I suspect harder is what you actually want :)

    What you could try, is set you language to French and start the German for french speakers course (or the other way around). Then you will have the advantages of constantly comparing the two, and you'll be forcing yourself not to use English. The level of difficulty starts off pretty light, I don't think you need much previous experience with either.


    This question gets asked a lot on these forums. The consensus seems to be that you'd learn each language slower, you might get confused sometimes, and you might find it frustrating, but if you really want to learn two languages, then why not? It depends what you want; if you have a broad curiosity, learn two at once, but if you want to gain proficiency, learn one at a time.

    Here's a list to some of the previous discussions, if you want to read more:


    I think it's best learning one at a time personally.


    ...Says the guy with Homer Simpson as his avatar... :)

    Just kidding. I agree with you - I once tried to learn many languages (mostly love languages) at once but always found myself distracted or confused.


    https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/f3/17/9f/f3179fb3c7d9d77837e28c7308bc8e7b.jpg That's now going to be my new profile picture thanks :D

    But yeah, I agree. Or I think you should at least space out the timings of learning each language or learn one seriously and the other not so seriously. Now I realise that I'm working on being fluent in Spanish (I've completed the Duolingo course and am now expanding my vocabulary) whilst learning French at school (Which is fairly easy as it's similar to both Spanish) and, in my spare time and more for a hobby I do when I feel like it (yes, I take it very easy), Mandarin Chinese.


    It depends on you personally. From my experience, being bilingual greatly improves the odds of successful simultaneous language studying. But I must also add that I have an innate skill and talent for acquiring linguistic information rapidly and comprehensively, so I am able to study up to five language actively whilst being able to compartmentalise all the information accurately without too much effort.


    I would stick with one until you are comfortable with it, and then, if you want to learn another, then why not? But you should do whatever you want to do.


    How much time do you plan to put into per day? 2-4 hours?
    How many (max) words do you think you can learn per day?

    It is hard enough to remember (RECALL) all learned 10-20 words / day (or let it be 60-70 words on Memrise per level) on the next days.

    With two languages, you have to double the amount, or split 80/20, 70/30, 50/50.


    One at a time would be best. If you learn a heap of languages at once you might get confused between them


    I would just stick with one.

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