"What is wrong with us?"

Translation:Beth sy'n bod arnon ni?

February 17, 2017



I didn't realise you couldn't say 'beth sy'n bod gyda fi', that you had to say 'beth sy'n bod arna i'. Is this right?

February 17, 2017


These are idiomatic phrases which rarely translate perfectly. In English something is wrong with you, in Welsh something is being on you.

March 7, 2017


I'd have to agree. "Beth sy'n bod gyda fi" is in common usage in the South Wales valleys, and would be understood by every Welsh speaker.

March 18, 2017

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But it's hugely grammatically incorrect and won't be accepted on the Duolingo course as a correct expression.

If we accept this then we might as well accept the terrible construction used by a number of pupils in Welsh medium schools for 'I have' = dw i'n cael.

In fact that would solve all the problems of expressing have:- 'Dw i'n cael car' ; 'dw i'n cael annwyd'; 'dw i'n cael pen tost' etc.

We have based this course on the standard patterns used to teach Welsh to adults, and to a great degree also used to teach Welsh in schools, we have also added dialectical forms that are correct grammatically and I think it's important to stick to these principles if we want people to learn Welsh effectively.

Obviously if people want to use 'beth sy'n bod gyda fi' as their own pattern it's up to them.

March 18, 2017


Fair point. There have to be limits, I am after all following this course to improve my Welsh.

March 19, 2017
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