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How to see the 100% correct sentence translation?

How could I see the right translation once I submit mine. I only see the percentage I reached and can check other people's translations. Is there a place I could see the 100% correct version?

March 17, 2012



Sometimes there is no 100% correct version. This is because many people translate a sentence and, most of the time, they will have different translations.


I am pretty experienced as a (non-professional) translator from various languages to English, and I often get perfectly good translations rejected because so far there is only rubbish and my translation isn't sufficiently similar to that rubbish. Just today it happened with my translation "Qué tiempos aquellos" -> "Those were the days" (straight out of the dictionary, as this is a fixed idiom). But the only previous translation was the obviously wrong, machine-translated, sentence "What those times" that was put there by the admin to start the process. So, obviously, my translation was deemed wrong.

Unfortunately, translations don't improve as quickly as they could, because many users have the misconception that we are supposed to work only with the word translations proposed automatically (and sometimes totally inappropriately), that using a dictionary is cheating, etc. The kind of feedback we are getting here reinforces this misconception, but I am sure that's not intended.


I see, that explains it then. I guess that is behind the idea of rating our translations. Hopefully if good translations get rated often, they could serve as a reference for the learners. Thank you for the detailed answer!

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