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Random Question XD

Does anyone know what Bucky Barnes says in Romanian during Captain America Civil War? I would love to know. XD

February 17, 2017



Assuming you're referring to this scene (I don't remember any other, but if you have a link, I'm happy to help):
Bucky: Cum sunt? Sunt bune?
Vendor: Sunt coapte, îs bune, sigur că da.
B: Sunt coapte. Ăăăă, bine atunci, dați-mi... dați-mi vreo...
V: Șase, poftiți!
B: Mulțumesc!

B: How are they? Are they good?
V: They're ripe, they're good, of course.
B: They're ripe. Uhmmm, ok then, give me about... give me about...*
V: That will be six [lei], here you go!
B: Thank you!

Unless I'm really bad with voices, it's the vendor that says "six", most likely referring to the price, while Bucky doesn't complete his sentence by specifying a quantity.


Ah, thank you so much! That was the scene yes. Thank you very much for your help. :D


Do you have a clip of the scene when he says the dialogue in Romanian?

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