"Do you eat soup?"

Translation:Τρως σούπα;

2/17/2017, 7:41:08 PM



I am confused why this means "Do you eat soup?" and not "You eat soup." How do we tell the difference.

Maybe the only difference is adding a "?" at the end, but since we didn't formally go over how to state a question, and there was no way to add a "?" for this exercise, I was just confused.

Let me know, ευχαριστώ

2/17/2017, 7:41:08 PM

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It is Duo's method that we sometimes have to learn by trial and error. This program uses sort of a "natural" method, similar to a way children learns their own language--they hear it and try to copy the examples they hear and mess up and try new things and get corrected and try again :) So we didn't know how to do questions before, but now we do! :)

The question mark looks like our semicolon ; But I forgot and typed an English ? and it was counted "almost correct." :)

5/26/2017, 10:21:30 PM


Why is it <<τρως>> instead of τρωει?

7/9/2017, 9:26:43 PM

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Τρώει is the third person singular. Check the verb conjugation here or here.

7/9/2017, 10:06:19 PM


I cant change my keyboarf to greek so cant do yhe writing

7/7/2017, 12:19:40 PM
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