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"I titoli fanno la differenza."

Translation:The titles make the difference.

March 6, 2014



This is a very literal translation and does not sound very natural in English.


So, give us a better translation, please! ( I'm learning English too...).Thank you!


'The titles make a difference' - if referring to specific titles.

'Titles make a difference' - if referring to titles in general


Hmmmm... specific/general... alixer referred to a literal translation...So?


The literal translation is "make the difference", there's nothing truly wrong with that but it's more common in English to say, "...make all the difference" as in "The titles make all the difference." That, however, changes the meaning slightly. It would mean 'titles' aren't just important but integrally important.

If you exclude the "all" then "a difference" is a little more idiomatic in English than "the difference."


Thank you for your patience! (sorry my poor English...)


titoli also means headlines and makes as much (or as little!) sense as titles - but wasn't accepted.

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