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  5. "My skirts are gray."

"My skirts are gray."

Translation:Mes jupes sont grises.

February 22, 2013



Earlier in the lesson we were told that the color as an adjective did not take an "s"in the plural: "Ses chaussures sont marrons" was not considered correct. So why does "grise" take an "s" here?


The reason is that "marron" is not only a color, it is a real thing (chestnut) which prompts that it remains invariable.

Other color adjectives that do not represent a real thing are standard adjectives, agreeing in gender and number with the noun:

  • un chapeau gris, des chapeaux gris (no change from singular to plural, because singular already ends in -s)
  • une chaussure grise, des chaussures grises

To know more about invariable color adjectives: http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/adjectives_inv.htm


Exactly what I wanted to ask -- I got burned on marron, and thought I would make up for it here. Sitesurf's answer was very helpful, too. I studied French for 8 years (it's been a while). I don't recall such a clear explanation of these rules. And I think I may have simply learned these adjectives as rote lists.


Surely gray should be grey??! Americanisms again??!

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It's an American website, nothing wrong with that. Both forms are accepted anyway.

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