Difference bewteen Alle and Alles

I have been having some dificulties with words like alle/alles, eure/euer/eurer, sien/seine/seiner, can someone please explain this for me, thank you,

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February 17, 2017


They’re all different conjugations of the same words, depending on number, case, and gender (noun class) of the noun they agree with.

February 19, 2017

All these words are "determiners". This expression may give you a start to research. The most common determiners are the definitive articles (der, die, das) and the indefinitive articles (ein, eine, ein). It is important not to confuse determiners and adjectives. A noun can have several adjectives but only one determiner (there are rare exceptions). The same is true for English.

der/mein/ein/kein (determiner) süße(r), kleine(r) (adjectives) Hund (noun)
the/my/a/no (determienr) cute, little (adjectives) dog (noun)

The words in the determiner section a mutually exclusive, the adjectives are not.

Determiners fall mostly into two catergories that are inflected following the pattern of 1 the definite articles (der, die, das) or 2 the indefinite articles (ein, eine, ein). The inflection of the adjectives follows another pattern, but is influenced by the presence and type of a determiner, but is another big topic called "Declension of Adjectives". Hence, the (r) in the above example.

determiners of the definitite article type
der/die/das dieser/diese/dieses welcher,welche,welches...

determiners of the indefinite article type ein/eine/ein mein/meine/mein (and the other possessives) kein/keine/kein...

February 20, 2017
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