How to gain 100% course?

I had done the entry assessment and I had been placed on the 9th level english for polish speakers. Then I successfuly did all of the others assessments and all lessons are marked as finished at the moment. However my level is still 10th and I have 70% of course finished. Is there any higher level and how to achieve 100% course?

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I guess that you mean the Fluency meter on top right corner of your home page. It is only an estimate made by Duolingo scripts. You may see that:

But if you mean the Language Level - it depends solely on the amount of XP you gained in learning and repetitions. See here:

Long story short: your learning does not finish at the moment you complete all the skills in the tree. There are still lots of words that were not covered in the "first run" and you need to continue with repetitions, that will not only strengthen your knowledge, but also you will continue to increase your vocabulary. Some details on the strengthening process may be read here:

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Repeat more and take the test

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Naucz się angielskiego w zaledwie 5 minut dziennie. Za darmo.