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Letters stuck?


I am taking the Ukrainian pathway. I seem to be stuck with letters 1&2. Letters 3 has hatched, but no matter how often I take letters 1&2 they never hatch, even when I get everything or almost everything right over and over again. It feels like a technical glitch. Is there any way of checking?

Best wishes, Max

February 18, 2017



By the way, I would not raise the issue but for the fact that I cannot proceed until these skills have hatched. The next skills are locked and will presumably be unlocked when the earlier ones have hatched. However I can't really make them stronger than 5/5. Not with normal arithmetic anyway! :-)


Could you provide screenshots? Maybe then other users will understand what you mean a bit better.


Sure thing. Here is my Ukrainian view:


Now, I have answered the questions in Letters 1,2&3 to death and am getting perfect or almost perfect scores, yet the next entries such as Phrases and Animals are all locked.


I should add that I have been using the mobile app almost exclusively. Maybe there is a problem with the mobile app that does not feature on the website. Will try. But if so that makes the mobile even less useful. I have it with me most often but often when I have time is when I am also offline, such as when travelling in the underground. Anyway, I will check! :-)


I would recommend sending an email with the screenshot and a description of your problem here: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I hope I helped, good luck with your studies :)

[deactivated user]

    Hi, I'm having this exact problem in my Hebrew course. Did you get it resolved? Was it a glitch with the mobile app?

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