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  5. "I make a cake."

"I make a cake."

Translation:Εγώ κάνω ένα κέικ.

February 18, 2017



Apparently κάνω is an acceptable alternative here to φτιάχνω when making a cake. . Yet when making dinner in a previous lesson, it is not acceptable. .some clarification please


It doesn't collocate as well with "δείπνο", but "φτιάχνω" is a safe choice in both cases.


typically in greek "kano" means to do while ftiaxno means to make also another word for cake is τούρτα in greek


τουρτα?! Oh wow that explains so much when i talk to some spanish speaking central american friends.


Good point. σαλον (σαλόνι) // living room is another one.


I'm surprised that φτιάχνω κέικ is not a possible rendering because I thought indefinite could have or omit the indefinite article.


Yes, that's another common way of saying this, it will be added. Please read my comment here as well.


Still not added


You seem to be implying that your sentence was rejected and you are assuming we hadn't added "φτιάχνω κέικ" but it was added. That now leads us to believe that you had a mistake in your sentence. So, now you need to see where your mistake was. Have you made a REPORT?

See here for how to make a Report etc.

TIPS TO MAKE LEARNING EASIER + HOW TO REPORT A PROBLEM https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/22424028

https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/936 If you have any questions just ask.

And please don't comment about rejected sentences if you haven't first made a REPORT.


"Φτιάχνω" is the correct Greek translation. Nobody says κάνω ένα γλυκό.


ευχαριστώ πολύ. I was confused because I expected Φτιάχνω after I learned here in DL that "to do" is κάνω and φερνω


Yes, it's the more common word and included in the correct translations. Nevertheless, saying that nobody says "θα κάνω ένα κέικ" is wrong.



On a recent one of these κάνω / φτιάχνει questions, Duo suggested ONLY φτιάχνει in the drop down box BEFORE I submitted my answer then gives κάνει as the answer ... AND the drop down box now suggests both verbs! ... AND I took BEFORE & AFTER screenshots to prove it because I've been tricked by it before and I thought you wouldn't believe me unless you saw it for yourselves.


I wrote: φτιάχνω μια τούρτα. Why is this wrong?


Was it rejected as incorrect or was there another comment.


This time I deliberately wrοte Κάνω ένα κέικ because the drop down box said that κεικ is neuter and was marked wrong.

Their needs to be some consistency rules set up and enforced by the developers to avoid unnecessary confusion and waste of YOUR time having to explain it repeatedly to us.

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