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"Ảnh của tôi bị lan truyền trên các tờ báo."

Translation:My photos are spread in newspapers.

February 18, 2017



Not sure I get the English translation on this one. Is this the same as saying the photos "appear in" newspapers

February 18, 2017


Or circulated.

February 27, 2017


Is this English translation correct? Does the Vietnamese concept of "Ảnh" translate into English as either the singular or the plural? (photo/photos)

June 6, 2017


In the viet sentence, does it imply more than one picture even though it doesn't say các? Otherwise i would just say photo and not photos.

November 7, 2017


This is a poor english sentence. You could say, " my photos are spread through newspapers" or "my photos are circulated within/through newspapers"

November 7, 2017


In English '...spread all over the newspapers' is more correct in comparison to '...spread in newspapers'

February 7, 2018


Could it mean like “centre spread“...?

January 29, 2019


Photo should be accepted. I don't see how there is a way to distinguish the singular from the plural otherwise

September 6, 2018
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