"The child will see the next advertisement."

Translation:Το παιδί θα δει την επόμενη διαφήμιση.

February 18, 2017



what's the difference between διπλανός and επόμενος

February 18, 2017

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As I understand it (bear in mind I'm just a learner and not a native speaker), διπλανός is 'next' in the sense of 'physically adjacent to', ie, it's a spatial relationship. επόμενος just means 'next in a sequence', ie, it's temporal or arithmetical.

So, "το διπλανό σπίτι είναι πιο ωραίο" but "Το παιδί θα δει την επόμενη διαφήμιση".

(Thanks Jacob for the correction!)

March 11, 2017
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