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"The child will see the next advertisement."

Translation:Το παιδί θα δει την επόμενη διαφήμιση.

February 18, 2017



what's the difference between διπλανός and επόμενος

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As I understand it (bear in mind I'm just a learner and not a native speaker), διπλανός is 'next' in the sense of 'physically adjacent to', ie, it's a spatial relationship. επόμενος just means 'next in a sequence', ie, it's temporal or arithmetical.

So, "το διπλανό σπίτι είναι πιο ωραίο" but "Το παιδί θα δει την επόμενη διαφήμιση".

(Thanks Jacob for the correction!)


What's wrong with "βλέπει" here?


inflection of βλέπω is highly complex (different roots!) Cf. βλέπω , στ.μέλλ.: θα δω, αόρ.: είδα, παθ.φωνή: βλέπομαι, μτχ.π.π.: ιδωμένος You need to use the future tense in the example (στ.μέλλ.)

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