"Maria și sora mea sunt pictorițe și sculptorițe."

Translation:Mary and my sister are painters and sculptors.

February 18, 2017

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Maria and my sister are painters and SCULPTRESSES!!! Like it or not, a Sculptress is a female sculptor. Sculptor is acceptable, but sculptress is the most correct way of saying sculptorita in English.


Actually paintress is also a word, I kid you not.


I'm not exactly sure what the nuance of this sentence means. Specifically, as an English speaker, I have trouble with the plural form of "painter" and "sculptor".

What I think it means precisely in English is: "Mary and my sister are painter and sculptor[, respectively]." Can I get some clarification on how this works in Ro?


My interpretation of the English is that both of them paint and sculpt.


The original translation is good. But if you're curious, the most accurate translation would be "Mary and my sister are paintresses and sculptresses".
The words pictorițe and sculptorițe are plurals for female painters and female sculptors, respectively.


Technically, yes. The english equivalent would be plural, but respective to both parties


By painter does it mean artist? Artists was not accepted.

Also, what is Romanian for painter as in 'painter and decorator'?


One translation is zugrav. My Romanian painter/decorator boyfriend helped lol


I don't think artist should be accepted because it looks like they're specifically referring to an artist who paints.

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