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"Da patientens helbred ikke ændredes til det bedre, døde han."

Translation:Since the patient's health was not changed for the better, he died.

February 18, 2017



Why is the reversed order at the end?


As a "v2 language, when leading a sentence with a dependent clause, the verb in the second part moves before the subject. This makes the verb now the second position (hence "v2") after the first dependent clause. This is just my understanding.


Også: "As the patient's ..."


Can it be "when the patient's..."?


May he rest in peace


Why is "did not change" wrong?


This is a sentence to say a loud. It is gone before I say three words. WHY????


I wrote "As the patient's health wasn't changed for the better he died". Reported it, because I think it should be accepted. Having said that, in English it should say "patient's health didn't change for the better". "Wasn't changed" implies that someone else - not the patient - didn't make changes to the patient's health (for the better). It might suit the grammar exercise here, but it is wrong.

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