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Duolingo crashes on android since latest update

In the last update of the duolingo app on android, an owl appears every now and then commenting on your progress.

Since this update, Duolingo crashes pretty systematically on both of my android devices (phone and tablet). Both are running older versions of Android (4.2.2).

Obviously this is super annoying and I risked twice to loose my score. For now I could borrow a newer tablet that doesn't have this problem.

As this concerns both my usual devices, I'm pretty sure this is not device related but a duolingo problem. As it doesn't seem to happen on a newer device, is it possible that this happens only on older versions of Android?

Does anyone else have this problem?

February 18, 2017



I had the same problem on Windows devices, whilst everything on Android seems ok.


I tested on Bluestacks and it did not crash. I guess the older version was Android V4.0.3, but I would have to verify.

You could manually rollback and install the older Apk.

search for "DuoLingo Android Apk" and you will get to apk archive sites.


The best thing to do is send them a report along with the system logs so that the Duolingo team can fix your problem.


Indeed, when Duolingo crashes, Android allows me to send a report to Duolingo. Did this at least 5 times...


Right I did too. Here's hoping they have the resources to fix the problem promptly.

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