Beautiful Words in Languages

Languages hold beautiful words, which is one reason why I love learning languages! What is your favorite word in another language?

I love the word "elv", which in Norwegian means "rover, since it is pretty and simple! I hope to become fluent in Norwegian, because it is indeed a pretty language!

Good luck, everybody!

1 year ago

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  1. For some reason the first word that came to mind was دوست /doost/ which means "friend" by itself. It's Farsi, and is not a loanword. The word can be used in the sentence "دوستت دارم" /doostet daaram/ meaning "I like you" or "I love you" or both, depending on the situation!
    I've never seen a more beautiful etymology: Professor Dehkhoda, the author of The Dictionary, believes it comes from the stem "doos", meaning "glue, to stick". So when you love or like someone, you're closer to them, you stick to them, hug them (only mandatory in "love", not "like" necessarily) and don't let them go!
    Farsi and her beautiful etymologies! Like the word for "girl" is دختر /dokhtar/, meaning "weaver".
    Or the word for "woman", زن /zan/ which means "creator" and is from the same stem the word for "earth" is from, زامیاد /zaamyaad/.

  2. There are many beautiful words out there! "Love", "peace", "courage", "eve", "life", "faith" are some of my favorites in English.

  3. For French, I absolutely love the word "vie" life.(And the words like "vivid", "vivify", "vivacious")

  4. I'm currently in love with Farsi, Irish, French and Japanese, but I can't find any words for Irish or Japanese I'd like to mention. I love how the people speak Irish or Japanese, and all of the words sound beautiful. I, a total beginner, won't pick words just yet!

Thanks for the post, Lost_Sun!

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1 year ago

It's less beautiful and more funny/cute, but the word for gloves in German is Handschuhe.

It literally translates to 'hand shoes'. c:

1 year ago

Hmm, probably 愛しています (aishite imasu), meaning "love" in the present continuous tense (sorta like "am loving"), though it can mean "I love you" on its own

1 year ago

I've always thought ya'el was a pretty word. As a word it's a kind of deer/ibex in Israel, but I've met a couple of women whose name was Ya'el as well.

1 year ago
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