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I'm just going through some basic Greek revision. The question is "Type what you hear" and the audio says "γάμα". So I type "γάμα" and it comes back with "wrong answer" the correct answers is "γ"... How on earth are you supposed to know, especially when another audio question asks exactly the same question and the correct answer then is "γάμα"... Similar confusion with answers for other letters (τ, ταυ; λ,λάμδα;...)

February 19, 2017


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These are some glitches in the course which we are reporting and hope they will be corrected soon. The incubator accepts all the versions you have given but for some reason, only one is accepted by the server. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the report.


Yes, this is confusing. The whole alphabet skill could do with some tidying up.

A few days ago, I disabled the audio on all the single-letter exercises such as "γ" -- so if you repeat the skill and hear γάμα then you know that the expected answer will be γάμα.

It's still a bit hit-and-miss with the longer phrases but at least the single-letter exercises should be unambiguous in the listening mode now.


Same. I typed the correct answer numerous times and even double checked but it was marked wrong.

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Please tell us what you heard and what you typed. We can't correct it if we don't know what it is.


In Greek it was the letter Omicron...thanks!

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