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  5. "No, I am sorry, good night!"

"No, I am sorry, good night!"

Translation:Όχι λυπάμαι, καληνύχτα!

February 19, 2017



He seems to be in an awful hurry to get away.


Hey guys, this might seem like a stupid question, but how do I distinguish between υ, η, and ι? Do I just have to learn them for what they are?


From what I could find, it is a matter of remembering specific spelling. I've yet to find any rules regarding the use of those three, as well as о and ω...


When it comes to e's at the start and middle of words big part of it is just memorization unfortunately, but rules can at least help in the case of endings.

Ηη is the 'female e', if a word is female (η) and ends with an 'e' sounds it will almost always be η.

Ιι is the 'nutral e' if there is a nutral word (το) that ends with an e sound it will almost always be ι.

Υυ rarely aplears at the end of words.


I am curious, why isn't 'είμαι συγνώμη' not correct as a substitute for 'λυπάμαι'?


Τhere are a couple of issues in this phrase "είμαι συγνώμη" The verb είμαι is the English verb "to be" and goes with an adjective or a noun, but not with συγγνώμη. Συγγνώμη means "I am sorry", not just only the adjective "sorry"=λυπημένος. "Eίμαι λυπημένος" means I am sad.

Confused, eh? No, it is too simple: I am sorry= λυπάμαι or συγγνώμη , but not είμαι λυπημένος=Ι am sad.

Now about συγνώμη or συγγνώμη: It means "I am sorry" for what I have done, but also "excuse me", asking permission to pass through, for instance. https://el.wiktionary.org/wiki/%CF%83%CF%85%CE%B3%CE%BD%CF%8E%CE%BC%CE%B7


Because we cannot say ειμαι συγνωμη,it does not make any sense in greek so you can just say συγνωμη as sorry


it corrected συγγνώμη to συγνώμη. but.. but... why? it used to be συγγνώμη and now both are concidered as correct. συγνώμη is just simplified


Indeed. It has been added. ^.^

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Συγνώμη is in fact incorrect. It's a common spelling mistake because of the way the word is pronounced.


Why is it not correct to say here at the beginning Δεν, only οχι?


Because δεν translates to not, not no. ^.^


Όχι, λυπάμαι, καλή βραδιά! // should be right too!


Can also Όχι απολογούμαι, καληνύχτα be considered as correct, or it is just my incorrect understanding of what "I am sorry" means (non-native English speaker)


Well, it doesn't make sense. Απολογούμαι is only used in cases of actual apology, with the meaning of I apologize, not the meaning of I am sorry/excuse me.


Thank you for the clarification. I thought, in English, in some cases I am sorry and I apologise are the same.


Only in English. ;)


Why not είμαι λθμάπαι ?


That's not how Greek works (and that's a fairly strange question for level 12 in Greek:P)

Είμαι λυπάμαι is two verbs in a row. That wouldn't work at all, in syntax. This sentence's translation is not a word-for-word one. Being sorry translates to just λυπάμαι in Greek.

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