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"The newspaper contains texts."

Translation:Le journal comprend des textes.

February 23, 2013



what does textes mean in this context though?


Articles, legends, comments, editorials... everything that is written (as opposed to graphs, illustrations, photos, etc)


Is des the contraction "de les" here. I was confused by other exercise where "les élèves lisent des livres" was translated as "the students read the books" and the translation "the students read books" was marked wrong. (Sorry but may not have noun verb combo in other exercise right but approximate.)


To know what "des" is, just put the noun in singular:

  • les élèves lisent un livre / a/one book -- ... des livres / books (= more than one)
  • le journal contient un texte / a/one text -- ... des textes / texts (= more than one)


I'll try this way and see if it covers the other case the next time I encounter it. If it does not, I'll put a comment in that section.

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