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  5. "Αυτός έχει ημερολόγιο."

"Αυτός έχει ημερολόγιο."

Translation:He has a calendar.

February 19, 2017



Could you please explain to me why there is no article in the Greek sentence? Are there words that don't need/want articles?


You don't use an indefinite article after ‘έχει’ (and its other forms) unless you want to indicate that he only has one.


This is very useful. I've been suspecting this for a while. Similar to Spanish. Thanks!


Can "ημερολόγιο" also be a "diary"?


BUG REPORT: I was asked to translate the Greek sentence by using the tiles (Android app) but some of the tiles were also Greek words. No correct English words were not present. I chose Έχει ημερολόγιο and got marked correct.


Yes, thanks for reporting this. We're aware that this problem has existed in other courses as well.


Hi, I've read the comments, but still don't quite understand why my 'He has the diary' was rejected with the explanation that I had used the definite incorrectly. If the object is not specified, do we always assume it is indefinite? Thanks.


obviously there are no suitable English words to pick for the translation only greek words and "an" "adverb" (web version)


Interesting and funny that this exercise is to select the Greek words, I got it right and it shows the translation in Greek, not English.


Yes, this has been/was a problem on Duolingo at the time of your comment. We hope it's ok now.

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