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Common Greek phrases?

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I was just curious. Just how common, in reality, would the following phrases be in Greek? ;-)

Thank you boy!
Ευχαριαστώ αγόρι!

Goodbye boy!
Γεια σου αγόρι!

She does not drink water.
Αυτή δεν πίνει νερό.

Good evening boy.
Καλησπσέρα αγόρι.

Good night woman.
Καληνύχτα γυναίκα.

February 19, 2017


  • Thank you boy | Goodbye boy | Good evening boy | Good night woman -----> Not very common! In general, Greeks ommit nouns such as αγόρι, κορίτσι, γυναίκα, άντρα. Although all these phrases are correct, an average Greek would say only Ευχαριστώ | Αντίο | Καλό απόγευμα | Καληνύχτα (or Καλό βράδυ).

  • If an elder person adresses to a younger one (s)he MAY say Ευχαριστώ αγόρι μου = Thank you (my) boy, Ευχαριστώ παλληκάρι μου = Thank you (my) brave boy, Ευχαριστώ κορίτσι (or κοπέλα) μου = Thank you (my) girl.

  • If a younger person addresses to an elder one (s)he MAY use honorific plural and say Σας ευχαριστώ κύριε / κυρία = Thank you (honorific plural) Mr. / Ms., Αντίο σας = Goodbye to you (hon. pl.), Καλό σας απόγευμα = Good evening to you (hon. pl.), Καλό σας βράδυ = Good night to you (hon. pl.)

  • She does not drink water -----> It is a very common phrase, usually used without αυτή


She does not drink water -----> It is a very common phrase, usually used without αυτή

I knew an old Greek guy who loved his wine and τσίπουρο, and if someone offered him water his usual answer was: Για βάτραχο με πέρασες; :-D


Theo_Matrakas Very well explanation


"Ευχαριστώ αγόρι" and "Γεια σου/τα λέμε αγόρι" are actually pretty common among younger people. Think of it a bit like "dude", as far as meaning is concerned.


Not common. Just skip the boy girl thing. But I believe it is a random thing just to make phrases.


About as common as Greeks who only know forty words.


Good night woman. Καληνύχτα γυναίκα. <Well, if you say this phrase the word 'γυναίκα' is redundant, if you use it it may sound unusual. Grammatically it is correct, in everyday speech sounds a little bit funny! You can just say καληνύχτα. (You can say Καληνύχτα γυναίκα to you wife, but it still is a little bit too much! Like it is obvious that she is a woman/you wife, you don't have to mention the word!)

Thank you boy! Ευχαριαστώ αγόρι! Goodbye boy! Γεια σου αγόρι! <I think these are just fine ,young people use these sometimes, but if they're referring to a young man/friend of theirs, not an actual boy! When referring to a child, you could say Ευχαριστώ αγόρι μου/Γεια σου αγόρι μου.


Όχι ευχαριαστώ αλλά ευχαριστώ. Όχι καλσησπσέρα αλλά καλησπέρα As native speaker of greek never us boy, woman


I am a native Greek/English speaker, and I know that a lot of common phrases in Greek are actually insults. Sorry to say, but it's just how the language is!

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Well, for something was intended partly/largely 'tongue-in-cheek', this has prompted some interesting and informative answers that have provided a useful insight into the language. Thank you.

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