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Don't have the real world translations or timed practice

My account doesn't show the real world translations to "master" each section, and when I go to practice, I don't get the option for "timed" or "untimed". My kid's and husband's accounts do, and they're crushing me on points.

February 23, 2013



I don't have the option of timed lesson practices either. Wonder why?


You have to buy it in the store, it's 10 lingots :)


I have this same problem. Didn't even know the translations or Master stuff existed until my friend showed them to me on his phone. We have noticed that I only have lessons up the first 'Learned' award; then he gets 'Refresh Skills' and 'Real World Translations' before the 'Mastery' award. He gets a tickmark for his tree icons at the 'Learned' stage, but I have all 'Mastered' icons for mine, even though I obviously have more work to do! We are both using iPhones. I'm on AT&T (on an iPhone 4S), he is on TMobile (4). I tried connecting my Facebook account; no change. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app; no change. I guess I will persevere but it sure would be nice to try some translations.


I also do not have real world translations or timed practice when using phone or tablet.


I don't see it either but my wife does. :-(


I used to have real world translations and I really enjoyed it. I don't know what happened: all the lessons I mastered have been downgraded and the real world translations disappeared. Do you know what happened? (I haven't come here for quite a long time).


Top (menu) bar from left to right: duoLingo, flag of the language you are learning, Home, Immersion, Discussion.... If you click on the "Immersion" you get to the translations. The look and feel seem to have been altered quite a bit, but the essence remains the same!

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