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When will the Hebrew course add flashcards?

Shalom all,

I've been using the flashcards under "words" for the French course and thought it might be a great feature to add to the Hebrew course.

What do you think?


February 19, 2017



Most likely never. Only Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese have the feature, and Duolingo seems to be taking no initiative to add it to other languages.


Perhaps we can make it happen if enough people request it!


Probably not. The only reason Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese have it is because those were the original five languages Duolingo offered for English speakers. The other courses born in the Incubator don't have it because the Incubator doesn't allow for its creation.


Aw yeha, but in the meantime you can try to make your own using quizlet.com or some flashcard apps.


There you go https://www.memrise.com/course/1031737/hebrew-duolingo/

free website and app version (Android, iOS) available.


I've been using Memrise, thanks! I would like for Duolingo to have its own flashcards ;)


I would like for Duolingo to have its own flashcards ;)

Duolingo actually has its own flashcards.

As an app (iOS only, no Android, no web version and no desktop version).

It is called Tiny Cards.

Tool: Flash: Card: App: Tiny Cards - use this e.g. together with Duolingo. You can learn the words from e.g. Duolingo using nice flashcards.


https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tinycards-learn-fun-free-flashcards/id1109425556?mt=8 (iOS only)


The "Words" tab is hidden in some courses.

If you want to view it, here is a little trick:

1 - Go to a course with a words tab (French for example).

2 - Open a new tab (in your web browser), go to duolingo.com and switch to a course without the words tab (in this case Hebrew)

3 - Go back to the first tab in your browser (French) and click on the words tab (do not reload he page). You should see the word list of the Hebrew course or any other course you switched in the step 2.

This trick is not persistent, when you want to use the "words" tab you have to follow this steps every time.

I hope this helps!

PS: I do not know if the flashcards works using the trick, but you can view the list of words at least.


IT WORKED, thank you! You've earned yourself a Lingot ;)


También soy chileno, pero vivo en el extranjero. Bacán encontrarme con un compatriota políglota. ¡Un millón de gracias!


jaja! bueno yo no diría que soy políglota aún, pero estoy trabajando en eso!


oye! vivía en viña del mar... pero no soy chileno ;) aún me alegra conocer más chilenos. C, H, I


Is it still possible? Every time I try it I got Error 404...

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