"Ви знаєте, де лікарня?"

Translation:Do you know where the hospital is?

February 19, 2017

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Do you know where's the hospital. Isn't this the same idea?


I find the etymology of 'hospital' interesting. So is the root word ліки? Does лікар come from that too? Does that imply that a hospital is where you can get medicines and a doctor is someone who administers medicines?

Also interesting to compare with Russian - больница - basically the place where sick people (больные) go. But there's no notion of medicines or doctors.

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The origin is from лікувати - to heal, then лікар is healer, ліки is something that heals


Ah, thanks, that's cool. Quite different from the Russian version!


Is the Ukrainian stem "-ня" often used to form a location word this way? Do you have any salient examples?


You're quite right. For example, кав'ярня is the place where you can get каву (coffee) and друкарня is the place where books друкують (are printed) and so on

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