"a schnitzel, two schnitzels"

Translation:un șnițel, două șnițele

February 19, 2017

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GrossiBP is correct. Snitel is a neuter noun. A neuter noun will act as masculine in the singular form and feminine in the plural form.


Interesting... and annoying. Is this always the case with neuter nouns?


Why is it not "doi snitele" as the word "snitel" is masculine?


I think it's becuase it's a neutral word. They act different. You can get my answer or wait for colleagues that deal here with Romanian every day and confirm it. ; ) (uuu, I'm going level up :D, I teach others about Romanian, soon I can buy a cadillac and roll on the streets - "yo, homie, I know Romanian, bro... You not? You lame...")


What is a schitzel?


A popular German food. Its basically a kind of flattened meat fried in a breading. Its similar to what Americans would call chicken fried (steak or chicken) but there are some differences.


Schnitzel can just be fried meat. It doesn't have to be breaded, although it can be.


Spanish-speaking countries call it "milanesa." At least it seemed like the same thing to me.

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