"Yes, I want rice."

Translation:Ydw, dw i eisiau reis.

February 20, 2017

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Can someone please explain when to use 'Dw i' and when to use 'Dw i'n'? Thank you.


Mostly you'll use "Dw i'n". "Eisaiu" and "Angen" (To want and To need") are exceptions because they're not really verbs but nouns and therefore they don't take "yn".


How about: Oes, dw i eisiau reis ? Because if I ask: Wyt ti eisiau reis, the answer would be: Oes, plis.


Oes, dw i isio reis. is already an accepted answer.

The use of Oes for 'Yes' in this pattern is a feature of the dialect in parts of north Wales where isio is the usual form of eisiau.


Can anyone explain if the pronunciation of eisiau on duolingo is acceptable in regular spoken welsh? I've been watching Dysgu Cymraeg and they say eisiau as eye-shuh, with a short uh sound at the end. I thought they were using a different word, but realised it was the same because they typed it in the comments on facebook.


The pronunciation of eisiau varies quite widely across Wales. Duo's pronunciation is just one of them.

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