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Another language suggestion: Pali

I'd like to suggest a language which is hardly known outside of Buddhist groups. Pali is the language of the scriptures of Theravada Buddhism.

I'd like to quote Ominglot.com here.

"Today Pāli is studied mainly by those who wish to read the original Buddhist scriptures, and is frequently chanted in rituals. There are non-religious text in Pāli including historical and medical texts. The main areas where Pāli is studied are Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia."

February 20, 2017



It's a beautiful language; but, I think we'd be more likely to see Sanskrit as it would have broader use and they are so closely related. I imagine they'll work on more dying languages before we focus on dead ones as well, outside of PR moves to bring attention to the project overall.


I completely agree, I am jain , But plai does come in our scriptures as well as sanskrit


Interesting!! You've already contacted Lrtward, and I'd love to know more of this language.(I'm interested in Buddhism.) Thank you!!


I really like the idea!


Yes please. Duolingo would make it a great deal easier to study Pali


Over 150 million people worldwide are Theravada--I think there would be many people interested in a Duolingo Pali course. I certainly am!


Around 500-600 million people are Buddhist and many more would probably just be interested for the sake of it so let's hope we get the course one day.

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